Friday, April 23, 2010

For less than 2 Venti Chai Lattes a Month

You could pay for a LotusLive Meetings subscription for a host and up to 14 participants, assuming you are an existing Lotus customer.  I have been surprised that I have not seen more customers taking advantage of this extremely competitive pricing. 
  • If you are using any other hosted web conferencing service, you owe it to your organization to evaluate LotusLive Meetings.  
  • If you are using Lotus Sametime for external web conferences, then you are probably purchasing concurrent user licenses for your external meeting participants.  At $519 x 14 external users, plus the $60 for your internal Sametime user hosting the meeting, that's a cost of $7,326 a year for a comparable number of meeting participants.  Now granted those costs go down year 2, but that's approximately 14 x $104 + $14.40 = $1470.40.  So from a pure external web conferencing standpoint, you should be looking at LotusLive Meetings.
  • If you are not using any web conferencing software today, are you kidding?  Eliminate one in-person meeting a year that involves renting a car for a day, and you've paid for your LotusLive Meeting subscription for the YEAR!  If you're not taking advantage of the savings web conferencing provides, then you either print money or work on Wall Street.
 LotusLive Meetings integrates very nicely into your Notes client as well.  First, your meeting ID is persistent over time, so you have the same meeting URL for each meeting.  So in the Notes calendar, you can set up one entry for LotusLive Meetings, and re-use it every time you're scheduling an online meeting.

There is also a plug-in you can deploy into your sidebar that makes it quick and simple to launch a meeting you're hosting, or to enter the ID of another meeting you with to attend.  What I like about this is I don't have to think about going out to the LotusLive site, etc. to start a meeting.  I click 'Host Meeting' button and we're off...

And one final nice integration, you can do "Instant LotusLive Meetings" with your Sametime Contacts as well through an additional menu item available when you click on a contact.

If you need to host more than 14 other participants in a meeting, than other clip levels are available at 199 or 999 participants.  Unfortunately, the special pricing for existing Lotus customers does not apply at those clip levels (hopefully IBM will change that in the future). 

So what are you waiting for?  Cut back on the caffeine and sign up for LotusLive Meetings today. 

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