Saturday, May 22, 2010

CRMs on Domino -- Need Feedback Please

I've had several customers inquiring about CRM's to use with/on Domino. I've certainly encountered several on the market, including the ones from Group, Salesplace, and iEnterprises. But I'm not a user of any of them, and would appreciate any feedback from folks out there could share on their experiences with these or other CRM packages with Domino. I've also had inquiries about using Sage CRM and Sugar CRM with Domino. If you have experience with those and Domino, please share as well.



  1. You might want to have a look at Gedys Intraware CRM:

  2. Check out iEnterprises

  3. You should check DYSANT Business Suite (based on DYSANT Framework).
    - Fully flexible,
    - based on a wide range of configurators
    - workflow support for BPMN standard (Business Process Modeling Notation)
    - three simultanuous UI - Lotus, Web (AJAX,JSON) and BlackBerry