Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Is Voicemail relevant?

Do you still use voicemail? Is it important for you to have it unified into your email inbox (or do you wish it was)?

Had an interesting discussion while at the UC Summit conference this week. Another attendee indicated that corporate voicemail was irrelevant because with single number reach, calls will always reach you. I don't agree, but am interested in what others thoughts on this are, so please comment.

Voicemail and UM are still relevant to me because:

1) I'm on the phone a lot, so even if calls find me, I can't always pick up
2) getting vmail in my email makes is the easiest way for me to listen to them while on the road
3) vmail in my email is a reminder of things I need to follow up on
4) vmail in my email is easily forwarded to others
5) vmail in my email makes it easy to keep my vmail storage clean

Your thoughts?


  1. Short answer: no. Getting a voicemail, particularly a voicemail that only says, "call me back," is like getting gum on your ass.

  2. @Turtle Any communication medium can be abused. I get emails that say "call me" too. Most of my voicemails Have actual messages though. Even a vmail asking to call back has some value though. Guess I should also ask if you have vmail in your email today.

  3. I certainly see the value in voicemail. Even with single number reach, I'm not always in the best position to take a call. If I'm heads down in a project, I don't want to be disturbed, or I'm in an important meeting, I'd rather have the call go to voicemail. In fact, I find it very rude that some folks will answer their calls during a meeting (minus emergency/support folks). My two cents.

  4. @Keith Thanks for the input. What about unified messaging? Do you have vmail integrated into your email?

  5. I have no need for Vmail as a sales rep. I have all calls go directly to my Mobile.

  6. @Jim For some road warriors, I get this. Myself, I still prefer to click on the wav file on the email in my mobile and listen. And it does help me remember follow-up required, whereas I tend to forget about the voicemail that was left on my mobile vmail. Also, some users are at a desk phone the majority of the time, so mobile vmail is not likely a replacement for them.