Friday, May 27, 2011

Let them Eat CAKE!

The IBM Get Social Roadshow in Cleveland is being held on the actual 100th birthday of IBM.  According to IBM's "Our History of Progress."

 "A merger of three 19th-century companies—the Tabulating Machine Company, the International Time Recording Company and the Computing Scale Company of America—creates the Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company (CTR) on June 16, 1911. CTR is the precursor to IBM."
In recognition of IBM's big day, we'll have birthday cake for everyone!  Yet another great reason to come out and join us.  You can see the agenda here, or click here to register now.

Hope to see you there!

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  1. IBM Germany was created when Dehomag was renamed. Since Dehomag was founded earlier than CTR (1909 or 1910) technically IBM's German subsidiary is older than the parent (Biology take that). Of course Dehomag is a VERY sensitive IBM topic - See Wikipedia for that.