Tuesday, November 1, 2011

LotusLive Engage: Reaches 'Ludicrous' Pricing

Back in 2010, I did a series of blog posts on the various LotusLive service offerings, and what a great value they are.  I ended that series with a post on LotusLive Engage, and described how the multiple services of Engage are smartly integrated, and a steal at $120 a user/year. 

That was then.  The price on Engage later dropped to $96/user/year, making the economics for using Engage even more compelling. 

If you've ever watched the movie Spaceballs, you may recall the ship reaching 'Ludicrous' speed (faster than Light speed and Ridiculous speed).  Well, Engage has now reached 'Ludicrous' pricing.  As of today, the price on Engage has temporarily been dropped to 50% of its current price.

That's just $48 a user/year for an extremely well-designed, easy to use set of services that integrate with your Notes or Outlook clients, and that includes:
  • web conferencing with up to 200 attendees
  • file sharing
  • activities
  • instant messaging
  • communities
  • profiles
  • forms
  • charts
  • FREE Guest Accounts
Compare that to the GoToWebinar service whose pricing I pulled from their web site below.  Engage is 1/20th the cost, provides greater capacity for web conferences, PLUS a whole slew of additional services.