Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Video Mega-Conference with Polycom and IBM

I had the good privilege of attending a launch event at the Polycom Solution Center in Chicago today.  Not surprisingly, they have an amazing video-conferencing facility.  We had over 300 attendees conferenced together for today's event, from locations including: Santa Clara, Seattle, Dallas, New York, Atlanta and more. 

If you've not had the good fortune to see one of these Polycom Solution Center's in person, it is worth the time.  The video is amazing, and the audio is crystal clear.  It truly did bring us all together regardless of our location.

I've blogged in the past about the benefits that the Polycom integration with Sametime offers to organizations. One benefit that I did not touch on in the past is the additional capabilities that Polycom brings to recording your Sametime meetings.  Yes, Sametime has great capabilities now that allow you to record meetings locally in a standard video playback format.  Unfortunately, this capability does not include recording video from your Sametime meetings. 

By adding Polycom's integrated solution, you can leverage the recording capability of Polycom to record the full meeting experience centrally: data, audio and video.  Video adds so much to a meeting, so keeping it as part of a recording is critical to insure the the full message and communication are saved for those viewing at a later date.

In a time when driving costs out of an operation is so critical to keeping our organizations competitive, you need to take a serious look at how you can leverage IBM Sametime and Polycom in your organization.  Reach out to your business partner or IBM or Polycom to learn more.

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