Friday, November 27, 2009

Charles Woodson -- NFL Defensive Player of the Year

If you haven't guessed, the 'Cheese' in my blog title alludes to me proudly being a Cheesehead--the (affectionate?) term for us Wisconsonites who are fans of the Green Bay Packers.  I grew up in a time when a Packer victory was few and far between, and you cheered for the Pack regardless.  In fact, my mother always warned my siblings not to bring their kids over during a game because she wouldn't be responsible for the language they learned while we all shouted at the TV!

If you've watched any Packer football games this year, you just have to be amazed at the play of Charles Woodson.  It's amazing to see someone with such great speed and ball-hawking ability--and at 33!

In yesterday's game, albeit against the hapless Detroit Lions, his incredible skills had my jaw on the floor again, particularly with his two interceptions.  On the first, he lunged forward and made a diving interception right in front of Bryant Johnson and with a finger-tip grab just above the turf.  I cannot blame the Detroit quarterback, Stafford, for this interception.  How on earth Woodson is able to get that spring is beyond me.  The interception was reminiscent of a similar one he had at the goal line against Dallas two weeks ago.

His second interception he made to seal the Packers victory with just a few minutes remaining in the fourth quarter.  What stunned me on this one was his speed.  He was behind the receiver who turned towards the quarterback to provide a clear passing lane for Stafford, and Woodson literally looped around the receiver to make the pic.  It seemed like Woodson was able to stop time and get in front of the receiver as if he had enlisted the help of Hiro from the TV series Heroes.

I want to include a photo here, but am not sure of copyright laws and whether I could just provide credit for the photo.  So instead, I'll point you to an article from the Green Bay Press-Gazette where you can get more specifics and see a photo.

Charles, thanks for the entertainment!

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