Monday, November 2, 2009

A New Batch and a New Blog

There is always a good reason for starting a new batch of hard apple cider, but why on earth another blog in the blogosphere?  For some time I've wished that there was more information shared about the range of options available for unified communications with Lotus software.  I've thought of starting a blog for some time, but have always decided against it because of demands on my time from work, home and my apple orchard.

At a recent Lotus user group event, I asked Gregg Eldred how he managed to find time to blog.  He said he always just found it important enough to make time to do so.  Well, here's hoping I can keep that same sense of priority and keep the information here fresh, timely, and hopefully helpful to those out there with similar interests.

So soon to come, I'll be sharing more information on the range of options for unified communications with Lotus software.  And from time to time, I suspect I'll comment on other aspects of Lotus software, the meaning of life, and the status of my current batch of hard cider.

Of course, the views and comments presented here are solely my own, and are not in any way a reflection of the views of my employer, my Senator, my Congressman, nor any other organization or person other than myself. :-D

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